We don’t buy trophies. We win championships.  ΣAE


Besides being successful off the field. the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon – Illinois Gamma, participate in all intramural sports, and have a pretty sizable trophy chest.

Throughout Fall ’11 – Spring ’12 SAE took home hardware in Intramural flag football, and Intramural softball. SAE not only took home all-Greek championships, but all-NIU champions which goes to show the highly competitive nature of our house.


SAE Highly Comp Flag Football Champs

Celebrating the all-Campus Flag Football Championship Fall ’11

SAE Softball Champions

Intramural all-Greek and all-Campus Highly Comp softball team after the “W”

Took home 1st, 2nd, & 3rd

After winning Alpha Phi’s “A Phiesta Bowl” philantrophy after taking home 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place and sending all the competition home.

Brothers of SAE participated in high school sports such as football, wrestling, baseball, and hockey to name a few. Below are some of SAE’s other accomplishments in sports throughout the years!

Spring 2009

  • Tugs
    1. 3rd place
  • Basketball
    1. Comp: 1st place
    2. Highly comp: 2nd place
  • Volleyball
    1. Comp: 2nd place
    2. Highly comp: 2nd place
  • Floor Hockey
    1. Highly comp: 1st place, greek
  • Football 4×4
    1. Comp: 1st place

Fall 2008

  • Football 7×7
    1. Highly comp: 1st place Greek
    2. Highly comp: 1st place NIU
    3. Comp: 2nd place greek
    4. Alpha Phi’s Aphiesta Bowl 1st place champions